In Africa: On Safari


3 thoughts on “In Africa: On Safari

  1. Randy says:

    Cool.. I’d love to hear more about your Safari.

    • kimrhode says:

      Randy, I’ve had the opportunity to go on several safaris around the world. This photo was taken in Africa where I was doing some hunting. I was living in a thatched roof hut for about 2-3 weeks and my shoulder was black and blue, simply from my gun resting on my shoulder, by the end of the trip. I remember hearing lions calling every night in the distance. I think I was hunting with an outfitter called Squirrel – I am pretty sure. After awhile, these trips start to blend so I could be off a little on some details. I’ll post another photo from that trip in a bit.

  2. Thomas J Matthews says:

    Very good picture ! I understand you were married recently , good luck to both of you don’t know you personally but think your husband lucky man .

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