Young Kim Rhode

This is me shooting sporting clays with my Perazzi and my mom, Sharon watches. I won the medal (below) from that event.


3 thoughts on “Young Kim Rhode

  1. Paul A. Bobby says:

    How fortunate you, Corey, Janessa, Garrett, Caitlin (B-W) and too few other young people are to have been able to grow up appreciating life the way you did. To be able to know where your meat comes from and to love nature is something we take for granted but all those other kids growing up in ther Ipods haven’t lived past a supermarket. I love going to shoots and am in awe of the Juniors coming up through the ranks. Having been through it myself, I also understand the heartache, headache and frustration parents go through to get their kids to the national level. We’ve got to do what we can to perpetuate this way of life. I was at a gun show in Pa. yesterday and the NRA table had a banner with your and Janessa’s picture on it. How proud I was to be able to say I know both of you.

  2. Jim Lambert says:

    This is great stuff……….You’re the best!………

    Your Friend,
    Crazy Chester

  3. Awesome! Obviously a great start!


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