China: World Cup

2009: Rachel Connor, my team mate’s mom, took this shot of me in China at the World Cup. Shooting in the snow is very difficult but focusing on the positives and the details of the target helps me smoke the clay target.


7 thoughts on “China: World Cup

  1. Sharon Haver says:

    Women figure out how to do things right! Even in the worst conditions! I’m sure you will do great at any challenge you step up to! Best of Luck!

  2. Buddy Walters says:

    Been fallowing you for years just liked your ability to switch from double trap to skeet and go straight to winning gold. That is a testament to your talent and focus on winning. To represent your country and shooting is a honor that you do very well. Reading this blog also makes me feel like I know more about you personally and from the pictures you selected gives me insight to your family values. A proud father, CC and your uncle with the sleeves rolled in winter are wonderful selections. I am 70 years old and have a love of hunting and shooting with a shotgun and fallow you and the other shooters on ISSF I hope to meet you someday keep your eye on the rock head on the stock we are proud of you and your accomplishments.

  3. Jody says:

    Our SCTP team got to meet you in Sparta, IL 2009. You were so nice to stand in for photos. The snow pic above is awesome. Good shooting!

  4. arnold moreno says:

    Congrats on a great career and looking forward to watching you compete this summer!
    Great photo and will share with SCTP high school team Brophy College Prep in Phoenix, Az I help coach. With the snow does your overall vision of the landscape looks closer or does everything look far away? How did you maintain a hard focus on the target throughout?
    Of course, we don’t get any snow, just heat and wind!lol
    Arnold Moreno

  5. Kim Adams says:

    Hello from another Kim, except that I am a male Kim! Just saw you shoot for the gold -so proud of you girl!

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