Monthly Archives: January 2012

In Africa: On Safari


Young Kim Rhode

This is me shooting sporting clays with my Perazzi and my mom, Sharon watches. I won the medal (below) from that event.

China: World Cup

2009: Rachel Connor, my team mate’s mom, took this shot of me in China at the World Cup. Shooting in the snow is very difficult but focusing on the positives and the details of the target helps me smoke the clay target.

My dad, my coach…

Richard Rhode and me in Beijing. My dad got a medal as well for coaching me (in the USA House).

Rhode Heritage: My Roots

Circa Late 30’s: The standing man in the middle holding the two dogs is my grandpa, Clarence C. Rhode (also known as C.C.). Just an old family photo that I love.

Below is a photo of a couple of avid outdoor enthusiasts, my great Uncle and my Grandpa C.C. (on the right). I love the fact that my great uncle has his sleeves rolled up in the snow.